Let The Pros Move Your Bulky Items

Get help from experienced movers in Bucksport or Bangor, ME

There's a lot of risk involved with moving large, bulky equipment. Not only can a bulky item end up dropped and damaged, but you can also damage your home during the move. Strout Brothers Moving has experienced appliance movers that can move your equipment carefully. We can move all kinds of items, such as...
Oversized refrigerators
Bulky office equipment
Heavy furniture
Large pianos
Gun safes

You'll rest easier knowing your belongings are in the hands of experienced movers. Get your bulky items moved by calling our appliance and piano movers in Bucksport or Bangor, ME.

No move is off the table

No move is off the table

No matter where you want your bulky items moved, our movers can help. We'll navigate around corners, through doorways and up or down stairs to get your item where you need them. You can move across town or down the hall with professional help.

Take a load off your mind by calling our furniture, appliance and piano mover at 207-479-3778.